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The NPT Power & Influence Top 50The 2011 NPT Power & Influence Top 50, is the annual listing of the 50 most influential executives in the sector for the previous 12 months. Get White Paper
Cause Marketing Case StudyThe video interview is from the ANA Brand Conference in NYC. Get White Paper
2010 Goodpurpose StudyThe 2010 GoodPurpose study is the firm’s 4th annual global consumer study that explores consumer attitudes around social purpose, including their commitment to specific social issues and their expectations of brands and corporations. The survey was conducted by the StrategyOne and consisted of 20-minute interviews in 13 countries among 7,259 adults. Get White Paper
PRWeek Cause Survey 2007 (PDF)

This year’s PRWeek/Barkley Public Relations Cause Survey reveals that more than ever consumers expect companies to give back. In turn, those companies are responding with cause-related programs that engage not only consumers, but their employees as well.

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The Nonprofit Times Top 100 (PDF)

An in-depth study of America's largest nonprofits.

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Nonprofit/Corporate Collaborations: Corporate Relations Definitions

This white paper reviews the terms referring to relationships between companies and nonprofit organizations like cause marketing, corporate sponsorship or corporate social responsibility.

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The impact of the economic downturn on the nonprofit sector

White paper highlights the challenges, ideas and opportunities from a roundtable discussion among leading New York nonprofits in December 2008

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Creating a Dialogue in Religious FundraisingSpecial report focusing in on how listening to concerns within demographics has proven to be a winning strategy for religious fundraising.
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Weathering the Storm: The State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States 2009The 2009 State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States surveys the attitudes and actions of senior executives in small, medium and large businesses regarding corporate citizenship. Get White Paper
2009 Edelman Goodpurpose Consumer Survey Report FindingsThe 3rd annual Edelman goodpurpose™ Consumer Study reveals consumer insights on significant issues around giving in 2009. Relates and compares figures to past surveys and studies done in previous years.
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2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend TrackerThe 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker presents the findings of an online survey conducted February 11-12, 2010 by Opinion Research Corporation among a representative U.S. sample of 1,055 adults comprising 510 men and 545 women 18 years of age and older. Get White Paper
The Non Potfit Times Power & Influence Top 50The 2010 NPT Power & Influence Top 50, is the annual listing of the 50 most influential executives in the sector for the previous 12 months. Get White Paper
Substantial Numbers Still Willing to Donate Time and MoneyEven though Americans indicate that, as a result of the current economy, they have changed their behavior toward donating their time or money, substantial numbers of Americans still indicate a willingness to make contributions, albeit smaller ones and to fewer organizations. Further, when it comes to personal involvement in their communities and social causes, a significant minority indicates that they are willing to be actively involved; many more feel that any involvement shouldn't be obligatory. Get White Paper
The Do Well Do Good Public Opinion Survey on Cause MarketingTwo years ago, the world was in turmoil. The foundations of the global economy nearly collapsed as banks were afraid to lend to each other. Companies began shedding workers swelling unemployment to their greatest length in decades. And then the worst was over and we find ourselves in a shaky postrecession economy. In some circles, the cultural excess that drove our economy to its knees has been shunned. Austerity is now no longer looked down upon – one would hope at least. It is in this postcrisis context that we at Do Well Do Good, LLC conducted our first public opinion survey on causemarketing and corporate social responsibility. What do American consumers expect of the companies they buy from? How do employees view their company’s responsibility to society and the environment? Our intent with these surveys is to look deeper than surface-level feelings and to identify the extent consumers and employees say they would change their behavior. Get White Paper
The Network for Good Online Giving Index 2010The Network for Good Online Giving Index 2010 includes trends and analysis on $124.6 million in donations to more than 42,000 charities through the Network for Good platform in 2010, including donations to more than 10,000 nonprofits through their own websites and to other nonprofits through 20 partner websites and our own giving portals at www.NetworkforGood.org and www.SixDegrees.org. Get White Paper
Dynamics of Cause Engagement More Americans are involved with supporting our troops and feeding the hungry than any other causes or social issues today, according to the new Dynamics of Cause Engagement study released by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication. The study, conducted among American adults age 18 and older in late 2010, showcases trends in the types of causes Americans support and how they learn about and choose to support those causes. Get White Paper
How It Works Giving… and receiving… has never been easier. See how your time, your market research or your charity can get involved.

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The first step in revolutionizing how we give, how we research, and how we accept assistance starts with registering with the Pause to Support a Cause program. Choose to get involved personally, request more information on how to become a corporate user of the Pause Research Panel, or register your charitable organization and start tapping into a broad audience of invested, philanthropic consumers looking to learn more about how to support causes that strike a chord. Register today Read more

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Pause to Support a Cause, a milestone CMO Council campaign, will enjoin global corporations and public sector partners in a new initiative to "survey the socially beneficial way" by "donating on behalf of those participating." Learn more about the CMO Council

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Pause to Support a Cause will connect global corporations and public sector partners in a new initiative to "survey the socially beneficial way" by "donating on behalf of those participating" in funded market research programs around the world. More Read more

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