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76% of consumers are willing to pay more at the cash register for environmentally friendly products. (Opinion Research Corp)
Corporate giving, which is closely tied to corporate profits, is projected to have decreased 4.5 percent (-8 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars), to $14.5 billion. It is estimated to equal 5 percent of all charitable giving. (Giving USA 2009)
Giving in worst economic climate since Great Depression exceeds $300 billion for second year in a row. (Giving USA Foundation)
U.S. charitable giving was estimated to be $307.65 billion in 2008. (Giving USA Foundation)
To conserve cash, most firms are reducing spending on the market research. (HarvardBusiness.org)
In the U.S., spending on market research has dipped for four consecutive quarters, and chief marketing officers don't expect the situation to turn around soon. (HarvardBusiness.org)
Most big consumer marketers are seeking to shave 10 to 20% off of research budgets. (HarvardBusiness.org)
Buyers of market research services expect their 2009 budgets to decrease by 9.5% over 2008 -- reversing a 20 year trend of annual spending increases. (MarketResearchCareers.com)
One out of every three consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product or service if they knew that a certain amount of the purchase price was being donated directly to a cause or campaign. (American Marketing Association)
Young people age 18-24 and women are most likely to buy a product or service connected to cause-related marketing. (American Marketing Association)
46% of respondents age 18-24 versus 31% of respondents 45-64 were more likely to buy a product or service if they knew that a certain amount of the purchase price was being donated directly to a cause or campaign. (American Marketing Association)
89% of Americans believe corporations and nonprofits should work together to raise money and awareness for causes. (Cone Inc.)
 76% of Americans believe partnerships result in a more positive image for the nonprofit (Cone Inc.)
79% of Americans are more likely to buy a product that supports the nonprofit. (Cone Inc.)
70% of Americans are more likely to donate money to the nonprofit when corporate and nonprofit interests are working as one. (Cone Inc.)
75% of Americans feel nonprofits would benefit from having employees of the partner company volunteer for the nonprofit. (Cone Inc.)
66% of Americans would welcome information about a cause or charity on the company’s product or packaging. (Cone Inc.)
56% of consumers believe a company or brand has earned their business because it has been doing its part to support good causes. (Goodpurpose Consumer Study)
Despite the recession, 75 percent of consumers believe social responsibility is important; 55 percent of consumers said they would choose a product that supports a particular cause against similar products that don't. (Landor Associates, Penn Schoen Berland & Burson-Marsteller - Survey)
According to the IEG 2010 Sponsorship Report, corporate cause sponsorship will rise 6.1% to hit $1.61 billion in 2010.
In 2009, corporate cause sponsorship was virtually flat -- down 0.3% to $1.51 billion -- whereas the overall sponsorship category was down 0.6%.
In 2009, sports, which accounts for nearly 70% of sponsorship spending, was down 1%.
In 2009 cause marketing's share of the overall sponsorship market remained at 9%.
Projected spending, growth and category share in 2010 are: 1. Sports: $11.6 billion, up 2.8% 68%2. Entertainment Tours/Attractions: $1.74 billion, up 5.7% 10% share3. Causes: $1.61 billion, up 6.1%, 9% share4. Arts: $841 million, up 2.6%, 5% share5. Festivals, fairs, annual events: $781 million, up 3.3%, 5% share 6. Associations, membership orgs: $503 million, up 3.4%, 3% share(IEG 2010 Sponsorship Report)
Over the last few years, cause sponsorship has grown as follows: 2009 -- $1.51 billion, 0.3% decline 2008 -- $1.52 billion, 5.5% growth 2007 -- $1.44 billion, 10.4% growth 2006 -- $1.34 billion, 20.2% growth 2005 -- $1.17 billion, 18.4% growth 2004 -- $988 million, 7.2% growth 2003 -- $922 million, 6.3% growth 2002 -- $816 million, 13% growth Back in 1990, cause sponsorship spending was only $120 million.
Last year, charitable giving rose 3.8 percent after falling for the two previous years (Giving USA Foundation)
The most growth in giving was through charitable bequests, which increased 18.8 percent to $23 billion. (Giving USA Foundation)
Corporate giving, which represents 5 percent of all charitable gifts, rose 10.6 percent to $15 billion. (Giving USA Foundation)
Total charitable giving has increased each year since 1954 (when tracking began) except for 1987, 2008 and 2009. From 2008 to 2010, total charitable giving decreased 4.2 percent, according to the report. (Giving USA Foundation)
Korea ranked 81st with Chad among the 153 countries listed in the 2010 World Giving Index (Charities Aid Foundation)
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