09.26.11 · Leveraging Social Media for Social Good - Bindu Nair Maitra - Campaign India Campaign India talks to two social media professionals Beth Kenter, CEO, Zoetica (pictured, left) and Gaurav Mishra, CEO, 20:20 Social (pictured, right) to understand how brands can use social media to fulfil CSR goals. What do you believe are the positive rub-offs for brands that use social media to align themselves with a specific social cause? Go to article
08.17.11 · P&G touches millions with philanthropy - Karachi - International Herald Tribune Proctor and Gamble, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, claims that well over 22 million Pakistanis have benefited from its corporate social responsibility initiatives over the course of the two decades the firm has had a presence in Pakistan. Go to article
08.16.11 · Starbucks CEO: Stop giving to campaigns - - The chief executive of Starbucks is urging business leaders to stop giving to political campaigns until lawmakers develop a solid plan to cut the U.S. deficit. Go to article
08.16.11 · Can CSR weather the recessionary storms? - - The Independent With discretionary budgets being slashed in the downturn, the value of corporate responsibility is being challenged. Andrew Wigley argues that it shouldn't be Go to article
08.09.11 · CSR is dead, long live social enterprise - Dermot Egan - Guardian We must move in to an era where companies do not separate themselves from the consequences of their operations, we must champion shared values Go to article
08.09.11 · Viva Cause Marketing! - David Hessekiel - MediaPost At the Cause Marketing Forum, we're scratching our heads over a paradox. Every day we see more companies and brands engaging with causes, but many of them shy away from describing their efforts as "cause marketing." Go to article
08.09.11 · Levi's Latest 'Go Forth' Effort: Strictly Social - Sarah Mahoney - MediaPost With the "Go Forth" campaign moving into its third year, Levi's is taking a new approach for the fall season, launching its first-ever global spot exclusively on Facebook. Go to article
07.27.11 · Only 37% Have Purchased Products Associated With Causes in the Past Year Even Though It Is the Number One Way Americans Donate to Causes - - Sacramento Bee New MSLGROUP Findings Show the Rising Disconnect Between the Causes Companies Support and the Products They Sell is Keeping People from Participating Go to article
07.26.11 · Korea has yet to cultivate culture of giving - - Korea Herald Rich people must make more donations for a cohesive society Go to article
07.24.11 · Tracking Big Corporate Donors - - Chronicle of Philanthropy Find out how much money some of the nation's largest companies have given to nonprofit groups over the past three years, and what charities they support. Go to article
07.06.11 · Causecast: How Brands, Employees, And Non-Profits Partner For Change - Simon Mainwaring - Fast Company In We First I contend that purposeful engagement represents an enormous opportunity for brands in the social business marketplace. But exactly how does a brand do this? And in what ways can they engage their employees so that they not only earn goodwill with their customers, but also inspire their employees to promote their companies with pride? Go to article
07.06.11 · A Campaign That Honors, Empowers, Respects Mom - Maria Bailey - MediaPost All too often, it seems that the media spotlight shines on marketing initiatives gone bad. Unfortunately, the same viral buzz that is created with a good mom marketing program can take a brand mistake and catapult it to another level. I'm not going to waste my words here recapping all the social media tragedies of big brands; instead, I want to focus on successes. Go to article
07.05.11 · Cause marketing impacts brand affinity, sales not so much - Helen Leggatt - When it comes to supporting a cause through purchasing products Americans are all talk but not much action, according to the findings of a new study from BlogHer and Ketchum's recently launched Cause Consumer Engagement specialty. Go to article
06.23.11 · 7 Cause Marketing Lessons from Machiavelli - Joe Waters - Huffington Post Niccolo Machiavelli, the Italian diplomat who wrote the classical treatise The Prince 500 years ago, probably would have been a big fan of cause marketing. For a man so interested in statecraft, Machiavelli would appreciate the bottom-line benefits of cause marketing to causes and companies. Go to article
06.22.11 · Charitable Giving Rises 3.8% in 2010 - Seth Fiegerman - The Street Americans gave $290.9 billion in charitable donations last year, nearly 4% more than the previous year, according to a report from the Giving USA Foundation marking the first year-over-year increase since the recession began. Go to article
06.22.11 · Terminology: Companies ensure efforts are not beyond description - Sarah Murray - Financial Times
To an oil company’s head of sustainability, the word “integrity” might apply to anything from a human rights policy to a set of corporate values. For an oil industry engineer, it might be associated with the physical performance of pipelines.
Go to article
06.17.11 · For a cause: How workplace campaigns can benefit brands - Kristina Knight - When brands partner with a cause, many times they are shooting for unknown-to-them or past customers to engage through giving. But these brands may be missing out by not including one key element: the workplace campaign. Go to article
06.01.11 · In Search of Fairness: CSR and Advertising - Akhila Vijayaraghavan - TriplePundit Advertising has the power not just to sell a product but also to make an impression on how we view the company that renders the service or product. In India, the market for “fairness creams” (aka skin whitening products) is huge because having fair skin remains a beauty ideal. The Indian arm of Unilever, HLL introduced the trend-setting Fair & Lovely cream in the seventies targeted at women. Their adverts consistently sent out the message to young women implying that to be fair is to be beautiful.
Go to article
06.01.11 · The Business of Good: News for Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs - Chad Brooks - BusinessNewsDaily Socially responsible business practices -- including organic, fair trade, giving back and going green – are becoming the norm for for-profit, as well as nonprofit, businesses. We’re committed to covering this side of small business with our weekly wrap-up of news affecting businesses that have embraced this socially responsible model, combining a for-profit business with nonprofit sensibilities. Go to article
05.25.11 · Don't abandon CSR for creating shared value just yet - John Elkington - Guardian Although CSV has many virtues, it is unlikely to deal with the thornier CSR issues such as human rights or corruption Go to article
05.19.11 · Companies bring CRS to the boardroom - Sara Stroud - Sustainable Industries What’s driving big companies’ corporate social responsibility efforts?Increasingly it’s shareholders, according to a new report from Ernst & Young. The auditing and consulting firm estimates that shareholder resolutions targeting environmental and social issues could account for half of all resolutions in 2011. Go to article
05.18.11 · What's in a Name? CSR, sustainability, etc... - Mike Lawrence - PRWeek In June, the Clinton Global Initiative, known as a catalyst for corporate social commitments, will host its first‑ever session focused solely on the US, in this case, on economic and job growth. It's a fitting milestone marking corporate America's growing willingness to think beyond the next quarter's profits. Go to article
05.16.11 · Urban Outfitters' Cause Marketing for NPR Is a Poor Fit - Joe Waters - Huffington Post As originally reported by Fast Company, Urban Outfitters offers a specially branded NPR tee on the public radio station's website for $20. Profits support NPR. Nice cause marketing (purchased-triggered donation, more specifically). Go to article
05.13.11 · Social Video and Cause Marketing: How Nonprofits Are Doing Viral Video - Grant Crowell - I interviewed Chris Quigley, Co-founder of the buzz marketing company, Viral Ad Network, about why and how companies should engage in social causes using video. Chris also shares the special benefits that social video campaigns can have for charities, and we add some of our own tips for businesses on how to do their own social video in “cause marketing.” Go to article
05.12.11 · How The New Yorker Is Helping Pepsi With 'Social Marketing' - Marion Nestle - The Atlantic The latest "soda war" is the fight to have your products seem healthy—and PepsiCo has enlisted some media allies Go to article
05.11.11 · Life beyond surveys - Brian Tarran - Research Live The acquisition of social media research firm Conversition might seem like something of a departure for online survey specialist E-Rewards, owner of Research Now and Peanut Labs, but CEO Chris Havemann says it fits perfectly with his vision of the group as a provider of digital data in a rapidly evolving industry. Go to article
05.10.11 · Small charities get TLC from mobile mentors - John Scott Lewinski - CNET News A new network employing mobile devices and social networks wants to make it easier for small charitable organizations to raise the money they need to help their causes.  Go to article
05.09.11 · Fine-Tune Your Philanthropy - Naveen Jain - Opening up your checkbook may seem like a way to help a cause. But without careful thought, that altruistic action could fizzle. To achieve sustainable philanthropy, follow this five-point plan. Go to article
05.09.11 · Holy Gospel of CSR: Businesses Exist to Make Money, Not Further World Peace - Bunmi Akinnusotu - The Vault
In my early days as a nonprofit fundraiser, I used to think that corporations have a moral and ethical obligation to donate. After all, donating money was the least they could do to fix decades of discriminatory hiring practices and inadequate working conditions, for example. Over the years however, I've been fortunate to listen in on conversations among those very companies and learn from them. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) begins to look a lot different after digging a bit deeper and taking into account the multiple stakeholders a company must report to. Recently, I had the opportunity to join members of Net Impact Chicago for a discussion with James Epstein-Reeves, the founder and president of Chicago-based cause marketing firm Do Well Do Good and hosted by Boeing. Go to article
05.02.11 · Cause marketing can boost a business’ brand and marketing efforts - Mark Haslan - Print strategies are known to be wildly effective methods for reaching consumers. They are not only visual but tangible reminders of a business and its product or services. However, one increasingly popular strategy small businesses are using to boost consumer appeal is cause marketing. This technique involves small businesses selecting an issue or organization that they have close ties with, and then committing a certain portion of proceeds on an offer or product to it. Go to article
05.01.11 · How Brands Ensure Purpose Doesn’t End Up As Greenwashing - Simon Mainwaring - Fast Company As the business marketplace moves closer towards being a comprehensive social experience, the onus falls upon brands to be more defined in terms of what they stand for, their core values and how they communicate them to their community of customers. While that may sound simple it's very complicated to execute. Go to article
04.22.11 · Nonprofits say corporate contributions rising - Sarah Duxbury - San Francisco Business Times Nonprofits of all stripes are reporting success not only with fundraising and ticket sales, but also in signing new corporate sponsors. That suggests that after several years of restricting support to past grantees, corporations are again adding nonprofits to their philanthropic rosters. Go to article
04.22.11 · Cause-Related Video Marketing: What Stonyfield and Honest Tea Can Teach Us - N/A - The Video Commerce Consortium As a tie in with April’s “Earth Month”, the CEOs of two organic produce companies, Stonyfield Farm and Honest Tea teamed up for a “cooperative video contest” with two objectives: Promote the companies’ partnership for Earth Month, and generate more awareness of the benefits of organic food and beverages. Below I have outlined how we can learn from their example of doing video in a “cause-related marketing” campaign, and have listed some tips for how your own business can do cause-related video marketing and practice corporate social responsibility. Go to article
04.21.11 · Crisis of confidence? - James Verrender - Research Live Researchers are feeling unloved and unrespected. They feel that clients don’t appreciate the value of their work, that they put speed of delivery ahead of quality and cannot tell the difference between top-drawer and mediocre market research. At least that’s what a recent survey said Go to article
04.20.11 · Research industry study finds weakening confidence in value of MR - James Verrenger - Research-Live Two-thirds of research suppliers are experiencing or expecting an increase in client spend this year, according to a new research industry trends study – but agencies are riddled with worries about the lack of perceived value in their work, while concerns linger over the quality of online samples. Go to article
04.14.11 · The Best Citizens in Corporate Governance - Selena Maranjian - The Motley Fool Like most investors, you probably aim for the best possible return when picking potential investments. But as consumers increasingly clamor for companies to embrace social responsibility, good corporate citizenship is fast becoming a vital part of any business or stock's success. Go to article
04.13.11 · Promoting corporate social responsibility - Ju Chul-ki - The Korea Times Recently, the corporate world has been changing through the evolution of time. Since the 2008 financial crisis, further impetus has been given to the promotion of transparency and accountability as well as corporate citizenship. Go to article
04.12.11 · Cause Marketing – Does the Motivation Matter? - Krystal Kavney - TriplePundit Cause marketing is on the rise from business and nonprofit partnerships to social media fund raising. The success of media darlings TOMS shoes and its nonprofit partner, Friends of TOMS, was due to the direct connection of the sale of a product to the cause it supported. The TOMS business model was created in such a way that neither organization would have likely seen the huge scale of consumer and financial support without the partnership of the other, landing the company on the number 6 spot on the Fast Company 2010 Top Ten Most Innovative Retail Companies. Although businesses do not often exist just to further a cause, there are many opportunities for these types of partnerships to lead to financial gains for business and nonprofit organizations. Go to article
04.06.11 · Not as Good as Giving - Study Finds Cause Marketing Drives Down Donations - James David Morgan - The Nonprofit Quarterly Times A University of Michigan study has found that cause marketing hurts charitable giving. More precisely, the study found that giving decreased if a donor had previously purchased a cause-related product, even if the donor was going to make the purchase independent of any charitable considerations. As a result of her findings, Professor Aradhna Krishna, the study's lead researcher, suggests that maybe not all giving is good giving. Go to article
03.31.11 · The true face of quality - Jeffrey Henning - Research Magazine Panels can’t be blamed for all the quality issues in online research. Researchers must learn to recognise and address the numerous factors that can make or break survey quality. Go to article
03.31.11 · Buying Products Tied to Charities Depresses Giving, New Study Finds - Raymund Flandez - The Chronicle of Philanthropy Fund raisers have long worried about a possible downside to corporate-charity marketing deals—that people who buy a special brand of yogurt or computer or stuffed animal because a retailer promises to give a small percentage of the purchase price to a good cause will figure they have met their charitable obligation and not give as much in direct donations. Go to article
03.24.11 · 10 Tech Tools for Cause Marketers - Joe Waters - Selfish Giving Here’s a list of ten tech tools companies and causes can use for cause marketing to raise money and awareness. Go to article
03.23.11 · Beyond The Swag: Bloggers Use Social Media To Do Good - Stephanie Azzarone - MediaPost Brands have long recognized the power of cause marketing to help them stand out from the crowd and generate consumer loyalty. They have often reached out to moms in social media to engage their support. What's new is that blogger-brand cause partnerships now go both ways: The women who are heavily involved in social media are increasingly recognizing that they themselves can use their influence to initiate change to help others. Go to article
03.14.11 · The Business Benefits of Philanthropy - Tiffany Finley - TriplePundit One of the chief misinterpretations of corporate charitable giving is that it must always be in monetary form. Volunteering, fundraising events, and publicity are also ways in which business, big or small, can help bring awareness to charitable work in their community. Even small donations can make a big impact on small organizations. So connecting the dots between employee interests, client investments, and strategic philanthropy can lead to healthier relationships. Charities receive donations, and companies receive positive publicity, strengthen ties with partners, and increase employee loyalty, making this a win-win for business and the community. Go to article
03.11.11 · Doing More by Doing Even Less - Jesse Weaver - Advertising Age Boulder Digital Works Student Offers Four Tips for Changing Behaviors Go to article
03.07.11 · Why Brands That Do Good Must Also Do It Well - Simon Mainwaring - Forbes More brands are waking up to their social responsibility and doing good work through cause marketing campaigns. Go to article
03.04.11 · Valuable opinions - Brian Tarran - Research Magazine Dan Kurani is sitting on a potential goldmine. While research agencies struggle to convince people to take part in surveys, resorting to offers of points, prize draws and charity donations as incentives, Kurani has built a mobile phone app whose sole purpose is to facilitate the exchange of opinions, consumer to consumer, where taking part is its own reward. Go to article
03.01.11 · UPS and Corona Take First Shots at 'March Madness' - CHristopher Heine - ClickZ The UPS Store and Corona are among the earliest brands tipping off "March Madness" campaigns. While the beer company launched a cause marketing initiative today, the shipping services retail firm debuted a Facebook-driven effort on Feb. 21. Go to article
02.28.11 · How New Balance Is Driving a 'Movement for Movement' - Rupal Parekh - Advertising Age Hilary Keates, Global Marketing and Brand Management Exec, on Company's New International Campaign and Where It's Going Next. Go to article
02.23.11 · Reverse Cause Marketing: Coca-Cola Goes on the Defensive - Aman Singh - Forbes This Forbes article includes an interview from last year with Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent.
Go to article
02.23.11 · What Brands Must Do Now to Engage Their Customer Communities - Simon Mainwaring - Fast Company In this article Simon Mainwaring, a branding consultant, explains what brands must now do to engage their customer communities.
Go to article
02.18.11 · Online giving rises by 35 per cent in the US - Celina Ribiero - Donors in the US are getting more comfortable giving via the internet according to new research which shows a 34.5 per cent spike in online giving in that market last year. Go to article
02.10.11 · The Rise of Crowdsourcing in Corporate Social Responsibility - Paul Massey - Huffington Post In the past few years, we've seen several high-profile corporate social responsibility programs (CSR), in particular the Pepsi Refresh Project (a client of ours), Chase Community Giving and Target's Bullseye campaign, dominate the conversation of how companies are making a social impact. Go to article
02.09.11 · Is Corporate Social Responsibility Stealing Money From Shareholders? - Alaa Rady - Fast Company CSR has been one of the topics of the hour lately, trying to encourage companies to participate into different community-development services. But what qualifies as CSR? Is it considered stealing money from shareholders instead of giving them back dividends to pursue good causes to their own liking? What activities should companies pursue? Go to article
02.01.11 · Peter Jackson Raises $2 Million To Go After Cause Marketers At The Experience Project - Erick Schonfeld - TechCrunch Cause marketing is taking off, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter providing the fuel, and companies are repositioning themselves to take advantage of these new marketing dollars. Peter Jackson, A silicon Valley veteran who was the CEO of Granite Systems and Intraware in the 1990s and sits on Eventbrite’s board, is putting on his CEO hat again to take the reigns at the Experience Project. The company, which also runs Twitcause and Broadcause, is in the midst of raising $2 million from D.E. Shaw and other investors. Go to article
01.31.11 · Giving grew in 2010; more expected in ‘11 - - Philanthropy Journal Charitable giving in the U.S. grew 6.6 percent in 2010 after falling an unprecedented 5.7 percent in 2009, and is expected to grow another 2.5 percent in 2011, a new report says. Go to article
01.27.11 · Corporate giving to the arts 'down 11 per cent' - Sophie Hudson - Third Sector Corporate giving to arts-related causes fell by 11 per cent in the UK in 2009/10 compared with the previous year, according to figures released yesterday by Arts & Business. Go to article
01.25.11 · Is CSR Redefining Career Coaching On America’s Campuses? - Aman Singh - Forbes With more misinformation out there than real, practical tips on careers (and companies) that embrace corporate social responsibility, how can we ensure that the thousands of Amandas and Breas not only get more out of their business education but also find productive avenues to pursue a career that is rewarding both financially and personally?
Go to article
01.25.11 · HP remakes corporate philanthropy by donating its expertise to nonprofits - Dean Takahashi - VentureBeat Hewlett-Packard is reshaping its policies on giving away money to nonprofit causes. Now the company will not just give away money. It will also donate the expertise of its employees to build solutions for nonprofits. Go to article
01.20.11 · A majority of Canadians consider themselves "Ethical Consumers" - - Abacus Data This is the second release in a six-part series from Abacus Data on Canadian consumers’ attitudes and behaviour on corporate and community social responsibility.  Abacus Data has partnered with the Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference held at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario on this series. Go to article
01.18.11 · Can Corporate Social Responsibility Really Matter? Really? - Aarti Maharaj - The ever-famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world,’ is fairly apt for businesses these days. In fact, coming to think of it…last year Gandhi’s quote must have hit home for some companies as we saw a sudden explosion of CSR initiatives from companies who feel the need to ‘give back to society,’ as Bill Gates would put it.  Go to article
01.12.11 · Why Cause Marketing Can Actually Backfire - Timothy Ogden - Forbes Marketers are overusing this strategy, which might not be a good thing. Go to article
01.10.11 · Consumer Philanthropy: It's a Good Thing - - TheWIP This article explains why consumer philanthropy is a good thing. Go to article
01.07.11 · Has Pepsi's Refresh Project Been Compromised By Cheaters? - Ariel Schwartz - Fast Company All is not well with the Pepsi Refresh Project, an online cause marketing campaign that allows participants to vote on where the company donates its cash. Nonprofit groups vying for funding from the campaign are now claiming that manipulated results have propelled recent winners to the top. Go to article
01.05.11 · The Four Keys to Corporate Sustainability in 2011 - Pattie Prairie - Fast Company In this article Fast Company expert blogger goes over her keys to corporate sustainability in 2011. Go to article
01.05.11 · Collection of Top Fundraising Ideas to Help Non-Profits - Joe DiDonato - San Francisco Chronicle
Fundraising troubles continue to plague the non-profit sector as many organizations report widespread declines in their contributions from fundraising events and other funding sources. Further complicating the situation is that most of these same non-profits are experiencing increased demand for their services.
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12.31.10 · Top 10 Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010? - Andrea Newell - TriplepundIT 2010 was a big year for cause marketing. More and more campaigns are springing up with new ideas for engaging participants and facilitating change. Which campaigns piqued your interest this past year? Ad Age compiled a list of their top ten favorites. Go to article
12.27.10 · Study: In-Store Cause Marketing Doesn't Engage Customers - Thomas Miner - Reuters A new report from Do Well Do Good, LLC, finds that the majority of consumers believe companies should be engaging in cause marketing initiatives and are willing to pay more for them, but feel that retailer practices around generating in-store consumer engagement for their efforts are lacking. Go to article
12.23.10 · When is charitable giving by firms more of a marketing ploy? - Michael Hiltzik - Los Angeles Times So-called cause-related marketing is inescapable this time of year. It's uplifting to see major corporations devote some of their wealth and influence to good works. But what's the motivation? Go to article
12.23.10 · Bank of America to match customer charitable giving - - The Boston Globe Bank of America, a national bank with a major presence in Massachusetts, said it has launched the “Gift for Opportunity” fund, a nationwide program that will support Feeding America, a hunger-relief organization, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, whose network of 4,000 clubs provides a safe place for children to obtain healthy meals. Go to article
12.21.10 · Creative Corporate Giving – For the Holidays and Beyond - Katherine Pickus - TriplePundit Traditionally, the holiday season is a strong time for philanthropic giving. But a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive indicated that the number of Americans who will refrain from making charitable donations has doubled since last year. Go to article
12.13.10 · Corporate consciousness rising with customers' expectations - Joyce Smith - Kansas City Star
Socially conscious companies — or those that want to seem that way — are extending their giving to other seasons. They identify charities that fit their target markets, make sure their customers know they are being good community citizens, and then get their customers involved, maybe even asking them to chip in with donations of their own.
Go to article
11.29.10 · 5 Creative Social Good Campaigns for the Holiday Season - Geoff Livingston - Mashable With the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s common to see companies and causes use these days as an opportunity to mix in a little social good and entice buyers to choose their products and services. Here’s a look at five holiday cause marketing campaigns that use social media to win buyers and do good at the same time. Go to article
11.09.10 · CSR is about ‘purpose’; corporate philanthropy and cause marketing is long dead - - The recently released Good Purpose Global Study by Edelman reveals that consumers want corporations to place the interests of society on at least an equal footing with making a profit. Go to article
11.05.10 · Pepsi exec dishes on Pepsi Refresh, future plans for cause marketing - - USA Today This article focuses on cause marketing trends and who some of the leaders are in the field, according to the just-released goodpurpose survey from Edelman. Go to article
11.04.10 · Carol Cone to corporate America: 'Cause marketing is dead (as we know it)' - - USA Today Are consumers more likely to buy a product when there is a pink ribbon on the label? Probably not, says a new study out from the cause marketing gurus at Edelman. Go to article
10.20.10 · Social Good Is as Easy as Texting - Zachary Sniderman - Text messages are the new black when it comes to raising money for social good. Go to article
10.18.10 · Companies help charities, build relationships with customers - Emily Noonan - Dayton Daily News Social platforms become strategies that help businesses reach out, experts say. Go to article
10.18.10 · Go Corporate or Change the World: How About Both? - Emily Noonan - Wall Street Journal Emily Noonan weighs the difference of working in a corporate or non profit atmosphere. Go to article
10.17.10 · The pink-ribbon backlash - Erin Anderssen - The Globe and Mail This article is critiquing the pink ribbon campaigns around the world.
Go to article
10.13.10 · J&J, Walt Disney, Kraft Foods Top CSR Ranking - - Environmental Leader This article explains the companies that ranked highest in corporate social responsibility. Go to article
10.11.10 · CSR is a way of doing business – will be considered in Companies Bill 2009 - CB Bureau - ‘There was no question of making corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandatory,' said Salman Khursheed, minister of corporate affairs, in an interview to Mint on October 9 while discussing the Companies Bill, 2009, that will soon be tabled before the parliament. Go to article
10.11.10 · The rhetoric of corporate social responsibility outweighs the reality - - Guardian CSR-driven initiatives are simply not proportionate to the value that multinational companies extract from Africa and Asia. Go to article
10.11.10 · Positivity shines through Research Industry Trends study - James Verrinder - US— Researchers are confident they’ve seen the back of the recession, with 60% telling the latest Research Industry Trends Study that the worst is well and truly over. Go to article
10.10.10 · Businesses now spending more on corporate social responsibility - Steven Vass - Herald Scotland Scottish business spending on corporate social responsibility appears to have increased despite the economic crisis, a new survey by the Sunday Herald has revealed. Go to article
10.10.10 · Consumer Watch: Changes ahead in giving - Iris Taylor - Richmond Times Dispatch Sea changes are under way in the world of philanthropy. Some trends are not good. At least one may fundamentally alter the way you make donations. Go to article
10.07.10 · Taking in a view of the future of market research - Brian Tarran - On the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, researchers gathered yesterday to consider the future of the market research industry. Brian Tarran listened in. His conclusion: not only will agencies need to justify themselves as valued partners to corporations, they’ll need to win over technology-empowered consumers. Go to article
10.05.10 · What to expect from cause marketing in 2010 holiday season - Kristina Knight - During the 2009 holiday shopping season many brands received a lift from partnerships with non-profit organizations. As we've made our way through three major 2010 holidays - Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day, cause marketing has continued to grow. Two cause marketing experts offer insight into what brands and marketers might receive from a 2010 holiday cause marketing campaign. Go to article
10.05.10 · Give back, feel good. But to whom, and how much? - Simon Avery - The Globe and Mail Very few companies have been able to generate such a national impact with their community investments, but many are trying today to give their social responsibility projects more punch as it become increasingly common for customers to ask what a business is doing for its community. Go to article
10.03.10 · How to Squeeze More Value From Attending a Nonprofit Conference - Maureen West - Chronicle of Philanthropy Time- and budget-strapped nonprofit employees need to make the most of chances to build their professional networks at conferences. Go to article
10.01.10 · With focused giving, who gets left out? - Jean Hopfensperger - Star Tribune As foundations and companies such as Target focus on specific issues, like its recent $500 million commitment to literacy, others will go unfunded. Go to article
09.28.10 · Cause Marketing's Still All to the Good - Mark Dolliver - Adweek A survey for Cone LLC, an Omnicom Group unit that specializes in the field, finds consumers still want companies to be engaged with good causes and will reward those that rise to the occasion. Go to article
09.28.10 · Ford, Pandora Launch Cause-Marketing Effort - Karl Greenberg - MediaPost Ford and Web radio station Pandora are partners in a new cause-marketing push featuring artists John Legend and Jewel.
Go to article
09.27.10 · Cause marketing comes of age - Kunal Gill - This article explains how cause marketing has changed over the years to get to where it is now. Go to article
09.23.10 · 'Corporate social responsibility': a wobbly concept - Christine Arena - Christian Science Monitor 'Corporate social responsibility' is sometimes smart business, but it's always difficult to define. What social responsibilities do corporations bear? What should they? Go to article
09.21.10 · Consumers Want More Cause Marketing - - eMarketer Moms and millennials love socially and environmentally conscious efforts. Go to article
09.21.10 · Cisco: Creating an ecosystem of giving back to society - - In this interview, CNBC-TV18's Executive Editor Shereen Bhan caught up with John Chambers to talk to him about Cisco’s social activities. Go to article
09.20.10 · Keep online survey questions short and simple, study advises - Robert Bain - Research-Live Rushing through long or difficult questions in online surveys harms data quality more than any other type of respondent behaviour, a new study suggests. Go to article
09.12.10 · Why every company needs a cause - - CNN BusinessBlogs Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on good causes. But in this challenging economy, corporate giving is taking on a new level of importance. Go to article
09.10.10 · Study: More Wall Street Analysts Buy Corporate Social Responsibility - Michael Connor - Business Ethics Wall Street analysts who issue “buy” and “sell” recommendations on publicly-held companies are increasingly awarding more favorable ratings to firms with corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, according to a new academic study. The study examined data on 4,109 companies over a 16-year period.  It found that from 1993-1997 a company’s CSR strength had a “significant negative impact” with sell-side analysts.  Since 1997, however, the perception has become more positive. Go to article
09.10.10 · Dole highlights responsibility efforts - Carl Collen - Dole Food Company president and chief executive officer David DeLorenzo has this week highlighted his group's ongoing corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts in Central America. Mr DeLorenzo's introduction focused on Doles long-standing contribution to the development of communities in Central America, while he also outlined the group's efforts to address the company's 'three pillars of sustainability' - namely carbon footprint, water use and soil conservation. Go to article
09.01.10 · Anything's Possible Through Crowdsourced Corporate Donations - Nancy Lublin - Fast Company As crowdsourced corporate giving becomes ubiquitous, Nancy Lublin offers tips to win those contests -- and the increasingly big bucks. Go to article
09.01.10 · Intel renews its support for the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 in Kuala Lumpur - Rashima Tandon - Web Newswire Kuala Lumpur- Intel once again will play a major role as a Strategic Partner of the ninth annual Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR) and will host the Asian CSR Awards to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 21 & 22, 2010. The theme of the conference is “Improving Business Competitiveness through CSR.” Go to article
08.31.10 · Survey points to a generation gap over corporate social responsibility - Adrian Morrow - The Global and Mail The most recent survey, which focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR), points to a generation gap between younger consumers and baby boomers when it comes to the importance of a company’s reputation for CSR. In the survey, only 16 per cent of those under the age of 30 said a company’s reputation was “very important” for them in making product choices, compared with more than 75 per cent of respondents over the age of 55. Go to article
08.17.10 · eBay Giving Works Surpasses $200 Million In Funds Raised - - The Financial In July, the eBay Giving Works program, which allows sellers to support their favorite non-profits and charitable causes, reached a major milestone as it surpassed the $200 million mark for cumulative funds raised. Go to article
08.11.10 · During downturn, corporate giving focuses on basic needs - Christie Garton - USA Today Even though the recession hurt corporate charitable giving last year, some areas of giving increased, including health and education. Go to article
08.11.10 · Online surveys don't have to turn respondents offD - Deborah Sleep - Reseach-Live In the July issue of Research, Robert Bain wrote that the market research industry still has work to do to make online surveys appeal to respondents, after spending a month as a fake respondent. That’s not news to Deborah Sleep from Engage Research, which has conducted a study of its own into how to make online surveys more appealing and more effective. Go to article
08.10.10 · Corporate Social Responsibility of the Rich and Famous - John Connelly - Business Review Canada Royal Bank of Canada, Enbridge and Rogers Communications embrace the value of CSR policies and reap great returns on investment. Go to article
08.09.10 · Newcomers to the region bring their charitable dollars with them - Jonathan O'Connell and Marjorie Censer - Washington Post The Washington area has been exceedingly fortunate -- or skilled, depending on one's perspective -- at attracting the headquarters of top American corporations in recent years. This article shows how newcomers to the D.C. region are bringing their charitable dollars with them.
Go to article
07.12.10 · Depending on the Kind-ness of Strangers - Stuart Elliot - New York Times A line of snack bars is trying to live up to its brand name with an initiative that offers a twist to the typical cause marketing effort. Go to article
07.07.10 · The Democratization Of Corporate Philanthropy - James Epstein-Reeves - Forbes In this article James goes in depth in to why the trend of directing corporate philanthropy dollars by crowd sourcing is ever so popular among cause marketers.
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07.06.10 · Staples Enlists Celebs For Back-To-School - Tanya Irwin - MediaPost Staples is ramping up its back-to-school charitable effort with the help of three celebrities in a digitally focused effort. Go to article
07.06.10 · New social media site makes donating to charity easy - Molly Jasinski - USA Today The newly established website gives non-profits a new voice and Twitter users a new opportunity to never miss an opportunity to electronically lend a hand. Go to article
07.06.10 · Staples Teams Up With Do Something - Sheila Shayon - Brand Channel Staples is partnering with the U.S. non-profit group on its 2010 Give-Back Pack initiative. Go to article
07.05.10 · The math (and morality) of giving - Rob Baedeker - San Francisco Chronicle Experrts say charitable donations are affected by factors such as the donor's (real or perceived) financial security, sense of moral obligation and personal connection to a cause. Go to article
07.01.10 · Meet the new market researchers - Robert Bain - Research Live Everyone seems to want to have a go at the stuff that market researchers used to do. And some of them are offering to do it for free. Robert Bain surveys the competition. Go to article
06.30.10 · Crowd-Sourcing Offers Companies More Elbow Room to Do Good - David Bois - Companies aiming to do good are increasingly turning to the gadgets in your home and hand to help steer their investments in positive change. Go to article
06.28.10 · How to Get the Social-Media Generation Behind Your Cause - Ann Marie Kerwin - Advertising Age For young adults, activism can be hitting 'like' on Facebook, but brands can use this to their advantage... Go to article
06.28.10 · CSR May Help Build a Good Reputation, But Can’t Salvage a Brutal One - Leon Kaye - Triplepundit University of Florida Professor Mary Ann Ferguson recently completed a study concluding that corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs can only serve as part of a company’s effort to build a good reputation—and in turn only reap cynicism when a firm already has a poor reputation among the public Go to article
06.23.10 · Designer Pledges $2 Million to Antipoverty Program - Shelly Banjo - Wall Street Journal Designer Tommy Hilfiger is looking to bring the idea of ending global poverty into fashion with a new upcoming cause marketing campaign in 2011.
Go to article
06.18.10 · Families are changing. Why isn't research? - Debbie Newbould - Resarch-Live Families are changing, and the 2.4 children stereotype is long gone. Qual researcher Debbie Newbould looks at how the research industry is responding to these changes. Go to article
06.10.10 · Corporate responsibility in a post-BP Digital Age - Caroline McCarthy - CNET This article explains how the recent BP oil spillage has changed corporate social repsonsibility for the future. Go to article
06.10.10 · How Cause Marketing Can Help Your Brand - Mickie Kennedy - This article anwsers the 3 questions asked below.Why are companies spending so much on cause marketing?Are they really that genuine? Or do they have something to show for their good works? Go to article
06.07.10 · Apple's no-donation policy for apps is a cop-out - Jake Shapiro - ARS Technica In this guest editorial, the CEO of PRX, the company behind the popular This American Life iPhone and Public Radio Player apps, argues that Apple's policy barring solicitation of donations by nonprofit groups is a cop-out and blocks a major revenue stream for public radio—whose content enhances the value of Apple's devices. Go to article
06.07.10 · UK MR down 4.7% in '09 – but this year's Q1 looks better both at home and abroad - Brian Tarran - Research Market research industry revenue was down 4.7% in the UK last year, according to figures published this morning by the Market Research Society (MRS). Go to article
06.07.10 · Review: Cause Marketing Forum Conference 2010 - Joe Waters - Selfish Giving This is a short review of the 2010 Cause Marketing Forum Conference. Go to article
06.07.10 · Market research revenue down in 2009 - Branwell Johnson - Total market research industry revenue for the UK fell by 4.7% last year, a positive result, according to industry body MRS. Go to article
06.01.10 · YouTube: Cause Celeb - Sheila Shayon - Brand Channel Ad Age recently named its top five picks for cause-marketing related videos, led by the Haagen-Dazs "Help the Honey Bees" campaign above. Go to article
06.01.10 · The Day Cause Marketing Died - Mike Swensen - Advertising Age This article explains how to keep consumers from getting fed up with corporate efforts. Go to article
05.27.10 · YouTube's Must-See Cause-Marketing Picks - Ramya Raghavan - Advertising Age If your launching a corporate social-responsibility campaign, watch these five videos first. Go to article
05.23.10 · Corporate giving trends away from party in power - T.W. Farnham & Carol Leonnig - Portland Press Herald Corporate America is gambling on the minority in its political giving this year, assuming that Republicans will win big in the November midterm elections, an analysis of campaign finance reports shows. Go to article
05.19.10 · Making Room for Better Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa - Dianna Games - The Nigerian government is busy with legislation which, if passed, will make it mandatory for companies to pay 3,5% of their gross profit to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Go to article
05.14.10 · Cause marketing can present legal trap - LaVerne Woods - Pudget Sound Business Journal This article explains how cause marketing campaigns can lead to a future legal trap. Go to article
05.11.10 · 8 Tips for a Successful Social Media Cause Campaign - Meagan Edelstein - Mashable This article gives 8 useful tips for a successful social media cause campaign. Go to article
05.03.10 · Pepsi and its philanthropic move - Noopur Bapna - Marketing Transformation Forum This article touches on Pepsi's recent philanthropic move to pull out of advertising around the 2010 Superbowl. Go to article
05.01.10 · Online unplugged - Robert Bain - Research As online research comes of age, have we faced up to questions about representivity? Research brought together four industry figures to thrash out the issues. Go to article
04.30.10 · Corporate philanthropy: when doing good is good for business - Anne Nash - Business Lexington Supporting a charity or cause can serve a dual purpose of doing good for society and doing good for your bottom line, but few companies are successful at both. Several recent studies provide insight into how to achieve success. Go to article
04.27.10 · QSRs kick off cause marketing efforts - Christa Hoyland - QSR Web This article is a roundup of several quick-service brands from various segments that have recently launched cause-marketing campaigns.
Go to article
04.26.10 · 10 Commandments of Cause Marketing - Joe Waters - Selfish Giving Joe Waters from Selfish Giving posts his top 10 commandments for cause marketing. Go to article
04.22.10 · The old and the new - Robert Bain - Research Live An Esomar debate in London last night pitted ‘traditional’ research methodologies against ‘modern’ ones. Go to article
04.15.10 · Changing the World: A Company Mandate - Bob Kenney - Advertising Age This article goes in depth into a study on 'Brand Virtue' and explains how it influences consumer purchases. Go to article
04.15.10 · Good cause, or just a good time? - Jean Hopfensperger - Star Tribune From 10Ks to pink ribbons, "cause marketing'' is hot. But participants should look into the details of such for non-profit events. Go to article
04.14.10 · The art of research - Brian Tarran - Research Live Reseach Liberation Front member, blogger and planner John Griffiths captured the recent exhibition on film for those who missed it. See video here.
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04.06.10 · Most Dubai firms shun social roles - Samia Badih - This article shows statistics from a recent survey on the social roles of businesses in Dubai. Go to article
04.05.10 · Cause Marketing Leader Joins Edelman - Stuart Elliot - The New York Times This article explains that Carol Cone, who pioneered in the field now known as cause marketing, is getting a new cause: a senior post at the Edelman public relations agency. Go to article
04.01.10 · Charity Gives Shoe Brand Extra Shine - Christina Binkley - The Wall Street Journal This article touches on Toms and other similar companies that are make philanthropy a central aspect to their business—and their marketing. Go to article
03.27.10 · Cassidy: Time to talk about Silicon Valley giving - Mike Cassidy - San Jose Mercury News Mike Cassidy explains in this article how Connie Martinez, CEO of 1stAct, is trying to start conversations in Silicon Valley about a subject that is never easy to talk about (Giving). Go to article
03.27.10 · Social Responsibility Boosts Brand Perception - Elena Malykhina - Adweek This article explains how social responsibility can boost brand perception. Go to article
03.25.10 · Online market research real-time emotions a true source of insight - Morag Cuddeford-Jones - MarketingWeek This article talks about how real-time online responses and neuroscience techniques are allowing marketers to generate meaningful insight at the point where consumers interact with a brand. Go to article
03.24.10 · Are India's rich charitable? Not very, study shows - N/A - The Economic Times This article explains how the number of wealthy Indians has been rising fast over the last decade, but are not ready yet to let go of their hard-earned cash, even for charity.
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03.24.10 · Obama's healthcare law brings good news for survey researchers - Brian Tarran - Research Opinions may be split over the healthcare law signed by President Barack Obama this week, but for survey researchers the passage of the bill marked a significant victory. Go to article
03.24.10 · Treating respondents right - Robert Bain - Research This blog posting covers responses and opinions from the Idea Rush session at Research 2010 where Jeffrey Henning of Vovici spoke about the importance of treating survey respondents right. Go to article
03.24.10 · Change we can believe in? - Robert Bain - Research This article makes a case for a whole new set of research techniques in the market research industry.
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03.24.10 · US charities hit by recession's impact on spending - Michelle Nichols - Reuters This article hits on how US charities are starting to feel the lag effects of the recession in 2010. Go to article
03.17.10 · Are corporate social responsibility rankings irresponsible? - Christine Arena - The Christian Science Monitor Corporate social responsibility rankings can be a powerful tool for companies. But there are concerns about how they are compiled. Go to article
03.16.10 · Would You Check in to a Box of Tampax? For Charity? - Kunur Patel - Advertising Age This article explains a new application called CauseWorld which allows consumers to use mobile-check-in services to earn money for charity. Go to article
03.16.10 · Hilton, Starbucks and Apple Make Top Ten - N/A - IN this article, BiddingForGood, a leading cause-related e-commerce platform announces the top performing brands and categories in its platform. Go to article
03.11.10 · Want to stand out? Partner with a nonprofit for a cause - Kristina Knight - BizReport A new report from communications agency Cone finds that consumers are not only looking for causes to support but they are more likely to support the products of corporations who are supporting causes. Go to article
03.11.10 · The financial highs of the market research industry - Joe Fernandez - MarketingWeek This article explains how market research companies are keeping the financial momentum going by finding innovative ways to get insights to their customers. Go to article
03.09.10 · Mobile research – are we engaged? - Robert Bain - Research This article talks about the mobile revolution and how it relates to research. Go to article
03.05.10 · What's Your Cause Marketing Schema? - Aldene Keene & Associates - Cause Marketing Blogspot This article helps explain different cause marketing schemes by highlighting examples of recently used campaigns from giant corporations. Go to article
03.05.10 · Bumpy ride for corporate giving amid recession - Michelle Nichols - Reuters Giving by U.S. companies endured the worst recession in decades with mixed results as some pared back philanthropy in the face of tough times, others increased budgets and most predicted a steady 2010. Go to article
03.03.10 · Online Study: Haiti A Tipping Point For Giving - Kate Rogers - The NonProfit Times This article explains the results of a national survey of U.S. charitable donors. Go to article
03.03.10 · Cause Marketing 2.0 - Michael Nelson - Digital Marketing Blog This article explains how more and more companies are jumping on the cause marketing bandwagon as an alternative to tradition advertising. Go to article
03.02.10 · Putting the Social in Social Responsibility - Marian Salzman - The Huffington Post Explains and gives examples of how social responsibility has drastically changed for the better of the last few years.  Go to article
03.02.10 · HP, Intel, General Mills Top List of Best Corporate Citizens - Staff Writer - This article explains Corporate Responsibility Magazine's 11th annual Best Corporate Citizens list, putting Hewlett-Packard, Intel and General Mills in the top three categories. Go to article
03.01.10 · Charity campaigns increasingly important to companies’ marketing efforts - Steve Adams - The Daily News Tribune This article explains how charitable campaigns are becoming increasingly important to companies' marketing efforts. Go to article
03.01.10 · Next Up In Do-Good Marketing: Brands Turn To Microsponsorships - N/A - MediaPost This article explains how brands are now moving beyond cause marketing to so-called microsponsorships. Go to article
03.01.10 · Cause Effect: Brands Rush to Save World One Deed at a Time - Natalie Zmuda & Emily Bryson York - Advertising Age From Bisquick to Quaker, Pepsi to Prilosec, marketers are now shifting their cause marketing efforts to microsponsorships. Go to article
02.22.10 · Wrap Your Corporate Image in a Worthy Cause - Craig Mellow - Corporate Board Member This article explains how strategic philanthropy will work better if the board gets involved and makes sure it is a worthy cause.
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02.22.10 · Cause Marketing: Selling Products Or Social Good? - Amil Husain - FrogLoop Blog This posting discusses whether or not your nonprofit can afford to not become part of a cause marketing campaign. Go to article
02.22.10 · The Power to Change Communities - Kim Gordon - Entrepreneur This article explains how cause marketing campaigns have the power to change communities.
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02.17.10 · Brands fail to reveal value of CSR - George Mitton - Strategy Eye Discusses how brands are failing to account for and display the value of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Go to article
02.17.10 · More things research can learn from other walks of life - Robert Bain - Research This article explains a few lessons that MR practitioners can learn from the worlds of football, Hollywood, graffiti and more. Go to article
02.16.10 · Harnessing The Power Of Sports For The Greater Good - Howard Brodwin - MediaPost Howard K. Brodwin founder of talks about the power sports has to help influence greater good. Go to article
02.16.10 · Cause Marketing to Children - Alden Keene and Associates - Cause Marketing Blog This blog posting discusses cause marketing campaigns that are targeted towards children. Go to article
02.12.10 · Cause marketing comes with rewards, risks - Barry Shlachter - Star-Telegram This article explains how cause marketing comes with both risks and rewards. Go to article
02.11.10 · Give and take - N/A - The Economist Will Pepsi profit by enlisting the public in its philanthropic efforts or was pulling out of Superbowl advertising a mistake? Go to article
02.11.10 · Helping Nonprofits Raise Money Like Goldman Does - Amy Feldman - BusinessWeek This article explains how retired Goldman Sachs banker Chuck Harris is bringing Wall Street capital-raising methods to the nonprofit world. Go to article
02.09.10 · Despite Recession, Home Depot Keeps on Giving - Jim Witkin - Triple Pundit Despite expecting lower revenues for 2009 the Home Depot Foundation gave $74 million to 5,300 nonprofits last year, according to the recent announcement, an almost 50 percent increase from 2008. Go to article
02.08.10 · Pass or Fail, Pepsi's Refresh Will Be Case for Marketing Textbooks - Natalie Zmuda - Advertising Age Pepsi has the rest of industry eyeing their bold social-media experiment. Pepsi aims to change the traditional marketing way of thinking.
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02.04.10 · Major beverage company launches social campaign to refresh communities - N/A - The Independent This article explains Pepsi's new user-friendly campaign (Refresh Project) that is based on social-cause marketing. Go to article
02.04.10 · Research departments 'uncertain' of social media role - Robert Bain - Research This article referrences a new study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and warns of the potential for confusion over the role of research departments in managing social media. Go to article
02.03.10 · Good Intentions - Julian Evans - The Wall Street Journal This article explains why and how the credit crisis has compelled companies to take a more holistic view of social responsibility. Go to article
01.31.10 · Pepsi Invites the Public to Do Good - Stuart Elliott - The New York Times Pepsi is inviting its customer to help them support social causes. They plan on using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter help spread a message. Go to article
01.30.10 · P&G Shows Its Softer Side With Downy Cause Effort - Elaine Wong - BrandWeek Procter & Gamble has launched a limited-edition bottle of Downy that looks to raise 10,000 quilts for children as part of its latest cause-marketing effort. Go to article
01.21.10 · MR must educate the media in the use of research - Liz Nelson - Research Research agencies should take more responsibility for making sure that research findings are properly reported in the media. Go to article
01.20.10 · Can Companies Use Cause-Related Marketing to Help Haiti? - Joe Waters - Selfish Giving This blog posting is Joe Water's opinion on wether or not companies can use cause related marketing to help Haiti in this time of need. Go to article
01.14.10 · Making CSR a business tool for success - Executive Director of CSR Bangladesh - The Financial Express This article explains how companies can better use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a sucessfull business tool. Go to article
01.13.10 · Market research in 2010: In a word... - Phyllis Macfarlane - Research A compilation of voices from the market research industry picked one word that they believe will sum up market research in 2010.
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01.12.10 · Alternative Paths to Online Cause Marketing - N/A - Marketing Vox This article looks at a few alternative online paths for cause marketing. Go to article
01.07.10 · Web Leading Channel for Cause Marketing - N/A - MediaBuyerPlanner This article goes over the leading cause marketing efforts in current events. Go to article
01.06.10 · How research can capture the 'true depth' of digital comms - Tom Woodnutt - Research This article examines how online marketing communications are changing, and research needs to change too. Go to article
01.06.10 · 2010 predictions – research for research's sake is over, says Forrester - Brian Tarran - Research This article details Forrester's recent report on the future of the 2010 research market. As the recession starts to ease research buyers will continue to demand proof of ROI on their research projects, making the downturn slow to recover. Go to article
01.06.10 · For CMOs, Cause Marketing Is a Way to Innovate in an Uncertain Time - Mike Swenson - Ad Age This article explains how CMO's are using cause marketing to innovate ideas in a diffucult time of business. Go to article
01.06.10 · The Most Influential Cause Marketing Campaigns of All Time - David Hessekiel - David Hessekiel, founder of the cause marketing forum goes over the top ten most influential cause marketing campaigns of all time. Go to article
01.04.10 · Cause-Related Marketing: Just Plain Ol' Marketing? - Rachael Chong - The Huffington Post This article talks about how cause marketing and how far it has come in our society. Today cause marketing is looked at as an everyday marketing tactic most companies are using. Go to article
01.03.10 · Despite tough economy, advisers are still giving - Lisa Shidler - InvestmentNews Article explains that advertising companies have remained committed to donating to charities throughout the recession. Go to article
01.01.10 · Overwhelmed by check-out-line charity - Michael May - American Public Media This article explains the overwhelming aspect of check-out-line charity. Go to article
12.23.09 · Win-Win-Win-Win Philanthropy: Corporate Philanthropists, Advertisers, Marketers & Nonprofits Must Work Together to Achieve Maximum Impact - Maureen Flynn - onPhilanthropy This article talks about corporate philanthropy trends are showing an increasingly significant amount of overlap among cause marketing, corporate philanthropy, public relations and CSR Go to article
12.21.09 · A lament for fundraising research - Peter Maple - Research In this article Peter Maple talks about the lack of marketing research into charity fundraising space and explains why it is important. Go to article
12.18.09 · Cause marketing: Giving profits to charity - Janine Popick - VatorNews Explains how including cause marketing in your company can boost your business, your cause & employee morale. Go to article
12.17.09 · Pepsi Benches Its Drinks - Suzanne Vranica - Wall Street Journal Pepsi ditches the super bowl for a cause marketing campaign targeting kids at school. Go to article
12.17.09 · RII Continues to Inch Upward - N/A - Marketing Research Association This article details the Research Industry Index (RII)and how it has been recently increasing. This is an encouraging sign for the U.S. marketing research industry. Go to article
12.17.09 · Competition Challenging Kroger Strategy in the Recovery - Mike Duff - BNET It has developed loyalty card and private label programs that allowed it to sell more product tonnage in the past quarter even if at lower prices that hurt ... Go to article
12.16.09 · Continental Airlines frequent fliers find new opportunities and problems with ... - Alison Grant - Plain Dealer "We're cutting your benefits, we're increasing your fees and thank you for 17 years of loyalty in the program," said Trump, president of school security ... Go to article
12.16.09 · Hilton, Virgin America partner on loyalty effort - - DM News Hilton HHonors, Hilton Hotels' loyalty program, has partnered with airline Virgin America on a program that allows members to earn Virgin rewards points for ... Go to article
12.16.09 · Three Best Ways to Use Social Media - Willa Plank - Wall Street Journal For example: On Twitter, if you know a person is a loyal customer, mention them in a post or announce a free service or product they've won for loyalty. ... Go to article
12.14.09 · Canadians trail U.S. in charitable giving - QMI Agency - Toronto Sun This article goes over the results of a survey done by the Frasier Institute on Canada's generosity Index. Canada's numbers are compared to the U.S. Go to article
12.14.09 · CMOs: Do You Really Care About Customers? - Mike Linton - Forbes Customer loyalty across a large business can only be built with a common customer view. Find some way to show how the customer sees the big picture and ... Go to article
12.11.09 · JD Power Survey: Mercedes Buyers Most Loyal - - U.S. News Rankings & Reviews Customer loyalty is an extraordinary test of vehicle quality and customer service. And no automaker has mastered building a loyal following quite like ... Go to article
12.11.09 · IFF Research's Mark Speed on the dangers of procurement - Marc Brenner - Research IFF Research's Mark Speed touches on the dangers of market research procurement processes.
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12.08.09 · Verizon Debuts Customer-Loyalty Program - Aaron Baar - MediaPost Publications Verizon is launching its first customer-loyalty program, giving current customers the ability to purchase gift cards from ... Go to article
12.05.09 · Market Research Trends for 2010 - Robert Moran - This article goes over the market research trends expected in 2010. The research industry is changing rapidly and there are a number of fast moving trends at work. Go to article
11.25.09 · How the recession is reshaping research - Angus Reid - Research This article explains how our current recession has reshaped market research. Go to article
11.24.09 · Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia - David Steer - The Moscow Times David Steer, VP and Director General for Kraft Foods Russia, explains his take on corporate social responsibility. Go to article
11.20.09 · Corporate Social Responsibility: It's All About Marketing - C. B. Bhattacharya - Forbes This article helps explain how the success of a corporate social responsibility campaign is determined by the ability to market it. This may sounds cynical but it is true. Go to article
11.20.09 · Business shift: From philanthropy to sustainability - Naina Lal Kidwai - The Economic Times Businesses are shifting from focusing on philanthropy to sustainability. More and more companies are evolving from corporate philanthropy to corporate sustainability where it is not just a company trying to be a good corporate citizen but investing in the future by creating a sustainable environment in which they can grow their businesses. Go to article
11.19.09 · Slowdown in Charitable Giving Kicks In - PUI-WING TAM - Wall Street Journal Around a time of the year when charitable giving tends to increase Silicon Valley has experienced a unusual slowdown. Go to article
11.17.09 · US charities expecting lean holiday - N/A - New Zealand Herald Article explains that US charities will most likely see a decrease in year-end donations.
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11.16.09 · Internet Marketing 101: Why marketers need cause marketing - Kristina Knight - BizReport Article explains why marketers need cause marketing using statistics from the 2009 Edelman Goodpurpose survey.
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11.16.09 · Market research catches up with Web 2.0 - Tamara Barber - Research Ex-Forrester analyst Tamara Barber explains how market research has cought up with web 2.0 and how it’s time for the industry to embrace online communities as a research tool. Go to article
11.12.09 · Cause Marketing Creates a Buzz - Tim Parry - MultiChannel Merchant Gives examples of many new companies that are starting to include cause marketing programs in their marketing mix for the upcoming holiday season. Go to article
11.09.09 · Using corporate social responsibility to build business - Paul Griffiths - CIO Explains how implementing corporate social responsibility can drive tangible business benefits and will eventually become a standard business process. Go to article
11.08.09 · Philanthropy 2009 -- Four Ideas for Tough Times - Shelly Banjo - Wall Street Journal This article gives four smart strategies around different ways to give that will help people when giving in these difficult economic times.
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11.07.09 · Is Asia Taking Corporate Social Responsibility Seriously? - Chris Tobias - Reuters Article covers the latest corporate social responsibility news in asia. Debates whether or not Asia is taking its corporate social responsibility efforts seriously enough. Go to article
11.05.09 · Nonprofits at Risk in Partnerships with Corporations - N/A - NewsBlaze Charities and other nonprofits may put their brand at risk when they partner with corporations on social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Go to article
11.04.09 · The future of market research - Jo Roberts - MarketingWeek Jo Roberts questions the future of marketing research. Go to article
11.03.09 · Sara Lee Deli Fights Hunger With Twitter Feed - Karlene Lukovitz - MediaPost Summarizes a cause marketing effort by Sara Lee Deli that seeks to attract new Twitter followers while also fighting hunger. Go to article
11.01.09 · Product (RED)'s Impact Is Shrouded In Vague Answers - Tom Pope - The Nonprofit Times Many different corporations talk in generalities about high-profile giving. Go to article
11.01.09 · Cause Survey 2009: Committed to the cause - Tonya Garcia - PRWeek Summarizes and analyzes results and statistics from the 2009 PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey. Go to article
10.29.09 · Cause marketing - the unconvincing statistics - Mallen Baker - Mallen Baker's Blog Covers statistics around a recent presentation at the International Fundraising Congress regarding corporate social responsibility. Mallen Baker's opinions are including in the posting.
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10.28.09 · Ipsos goes social and makes everyone a pollster - Katie Bailey - Media in Canada Market-research giant Ipsos, launched a new online opinion website this week designed to form a dedicated community of users for future market research surveys. Go to article
10.27.09 · Guide to Cause Marketing: Partnerships for Fundraising, Marketing Success - Sandra Sims - StepByStep Fundraising Explains how cause marketing can be an effective strategy for nonprofits large and small. Go to article
10.22.09 · What Business Pros Can Learn from School Kids About Corporate Responsibility - Tom Savage - One doesn't need an expensive MBA or a degree in environmental sciences to learn about social and environmental responsibility. Go to article
10.22.09 · Top Business Schools Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility - Cindy Tickle - Matter Network Goes over the nations top ten business schools that are currently integrating Corporate Social Responsibility. Go to article
10.22.09 · Study: Consumers Embrace Merchants With a Social Purpose - N/A - MultiChannel Merchant This article write up summarizes findings in Edelman's 2009 Goodpurpose Consumer Study. Go to article
10.21.09 · Leading Global Market Research Firm Ipsos Launches New Online Opinion Community - - WebWire Leading global market and opinion research firm Ipsos announced the launch of, an online opinion community that seeks to enhance the way people share opinions online. Go to article
10.20.09 · Active vs. Passive Cause Marketing - N/A - Selfish Giving Explains the difference between active and passive cause marekting strategies. Gives examples of which retailers are currently doing both. Go to article
10.16.09 · The Dark Side of Corporations' Cause-Marketing - Kerry Golds - The Atlantic Many companies in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month, take advantage of their cause-marketing related programs and trick the consumer. Go to article
10.16.09 · Ad Deals Let People Share in Charitable Giving - Ken Liebeskind - ClickZ Today more and more websites are promoting cause marketing for advertisers while giving users the opportunity to donate to charities without spending their own money. Go to article
10.16.09 · Money alone won't solve reputation problems - Erica Iacono - PRWeek Explains how money will not solve any corporate reputation issues and how CSR and cause marketing campaigns have a much better chance in the long run.
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10.16.09 · How non-profits can use cause marketing - John Hayden - Video and article explains John Haydon's views and opinions of how non-profits can use cause marketing to their advantage.
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10.09.09 · Making Market Research Pay - Marc Babej - Forbes Businesses all around the world spend big bucks to collect scads of data. Make sure this data doesn't go to waste.
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10.08.09 · Getting Rid of the Fear in Cause Marketing - Kimberly Anderson Kelleher - Advertising Age When it comes to getting active in cause marketing, fear turns out to be a giant factor that is holding companies back.
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10.05.09 · Research can boost marketing campaign ROI - - NebsMarketingStore Explains how research and measurability have become even more important to marketers during the recession. Go to article
10.02.09 · Market research with a social mission - Peggy Connolly - Boston College: Center News & Features Blog Think about market research and the power of data, demographics and knowledge probably comes to mind. What if you added the power of passion that comes with supporting the mission of leading nonprofits?That’s what Ed Martin, director of international insights and new methods at The Hershey Company, has done with a new global initiative that will raise money for nonprofits while delivering research to participating companies. The new effort, called Pause to Support a Cause, will partner with nonprofits to create a database of millions of receptive panelists willing to take part in on-line surveys and market feedback studies. A dedicated campaign web site is now live Go to article
10.02.09 · The Cause Manifesto - Rick Ferguson and Sharon M. Goldman - Loyalty marketers are understanding the various reasons attributed to the idea of consumers demanding that companies embrace cause-related marketing. Go to article
10.01.09 · Marketing With Meaning! Is There Any Other Way? - Pete Blackshaw - Advertising Age Explains Bob Gilbreath's new book titled "The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect With Your Customer by Marketing With Meaning". Go's over Bob's road map to brand-building with provided value. Go to article
10.01.09 · A bit of a blur? - Robert Bain - Research In the past research has set itself apart from marketing and advertising. But as relationships between companies and consumers change, does this approach still makes sense? Go to article
09.30.09 · Some Social Media Tips for Cause Marketers - Scott Pansky - Advertising Age Today, digital strategies are essential for any effective cause marketing campaign. Scott Pansky of Allison & Partners shares some numbers on different digital strategies, then offers tips on best practices and techniques for using them. Go to article
09.30.09 · Who do you trust? - Phyliss Macfarlane - Research This article does in depth into what actual trust is, what drives trust in market research, and how is it recently changing in different markets. Go to article
09.29.09 · Many Companies Remain Committed to Good Corporate Citizenship Despite Rocky Economy - Jill Jusko - IndustryWeek Highlights important information gathered from the 2009 State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States survey.
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09.22.09 · How Corporate Responsibility Can Survive the Recession - John Quelch - Businessweek Discusses new ways and strategies around corporate social responsibility and how it can survive the current recession. Go to article
09.20.09 · Recession prompts a boom in cause marketing - Debra Skodack - Kansas City Star Article discusses how cause marketing is booming during the current recession. Go to article
09.18.09 · WOM measurement to continue strong growth - study - Robert Bain - Research Spending on research and measurement of word-of-mouth marketing in the US grew nearly 15% last year to just over $200 million
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09.14.09 · Taking the socially responsible road to success - Stefan stern - LA Times Corporate social responsibility is covered and explained throught the eyes of Beth Kanter and her new book "SuperCorp" She explains how companies are gravitating towards business with a social moral purpose. Go to article
08.31.09 · Sonic Launches 'Limeades for Learning' - Emily Bryson York - Advertising Age Sonic in partnership with Donors Choose has started a new campaign titled "Limeades for Learning". This campaign focuses on teachers around the country giving both a national and local appeal. Go to article
08.24.09 · Is the research industry shooting itself in the foot over client incentives? - Ray Poynter - Research Explains how the research industry in the UK could be making a giant mistake with the ban of incentive based marketing tactics aimed at consumer for greater feedback.  Go to article
08.22.09 · CSR And The Bottom-Line - Agbo Agbo - Guardian Newspapers Covers corporate social responsibilty and how it is recently changing to become a more important topic in society. Go to article
08.18.09 · Cause Marketing Expected To Show Growth - Aaron Baar - MediaPost Cause marketing efforts are expected to grow in 2009 by 2% from 2008. Gives interesting consumer feedback on cause marketing in general. Go to article
08.14.09 · Seventh Generation’s 2008 CSR Report – a Model for Making over Corporate Social Responsibility? - Sarah Harper - Triplepunit
Covers the release of a recent corporate social responsibility report from Seventh Generation. The report explores ways in which companies can more effectively combine social justice, environmental stewardship, and economic growth. 
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08.04.09 · Importance of Authenticity in Cause Related Marketing - Kyle Reinson - Sparxoo
Puts emphasis on the importance on the authenticity of cause related marketing programs. 
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08.03.09 · Corporate Social Responsibility in a Downturn - Martha Lagace - Working Knowledge
Q&A with V. Kasturi Rangan, the Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School. Kash explains how that a recession is the perfect time for companies to participate in corporate social responsibility activities.
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07.17.09 · Market Research On The Cheap - Kern Lewis - Forbes
Goes in depth into the issue of market research for small businesses. When times are tight small businesses need to save their money spent on expensive market research and use the free data that’s out there.
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07.01.09 · Economic downturn remakes corporate social responsibility programs - Caitlin O'Toole - Australia
Corporate social responsibility programs are starting up again in the downturn and are ever so important. Now is the time to boost reputation and your companies image.
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07.01.09 · Corporate Social Responsibility: Much More Talk Than Action - Eric Riddleberger & Jeff Hittner - Forbes
Explains data from a recent IBM survey and helps show a significant gap between the sustainable goals companies are setting for themselves and what they are actually doing to attain them. 
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07.01.09 · Ramp Up Marketing in a Downturn - Jeff Wuorio - Entrepreneur Focuses on easy ways for entrepreneurs and small businesses to ramp up their marketing schemes in a downturn. Go to article
06.18.09 · A Pause to Reflect on Cause Marketing - Brian Powell - Advertising Age
Explores the way philanthropy and cause marketing is conducted today in our society and offers valuable ideas and suggestions for the future.
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06.01.09 · Rebuilding corporate reputations - Sheila Bonini, David Court & Alberto Marchi - McKinsley Quarterly
Explains how companies must take action to rebuild their corprate images and reputation in the eyes of consumers. Goes in depth into how serious todays reputation challege is becoming.
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05.24.09 · Chinese leaders learn about corporate social responsibility - Hal Bernton - The Seattle Times
Governemnt officials and other Chinese leaders are coming to America to learn and better understand corporate philanthropy and social responsibility.
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05.20.09 · Corporate Social Responsibility in a Recession - Jack Welch & Suzy Welch - Businessweek
Explains how companies are dealing with the recession in regards to social responsibilty and philanthropy. Talks about how companies view on social responbility changes when the money necessarily isn't there.  
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05.14.09 · A stress test for good intentions - - Economist
Covers corporate social responsibility and how its relates to our current recession. Shows how this time period is pushing most companies into doing good.
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09.04.08 · Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility - David R. Butcher - ThomasNet Promoting corporate social responsibility in a time where businesses are very cost conscious is very hard. Explains how companies are facing pressures from investors, governments, and society in general to be more social responsible. Go to article
09.03.08 · Netizens driving firms' social responsibility - Sol E. Solomon - ZDNet Asia Netizens or online community users are making a bigger impact than ever before helping drive companies corporate social responsibility. Go to article
09.03.08 · Dawn Eyes Facebook for Cause Marketing - Elaine Wong - BrandWeek Facebook is looking into a cause marketing campaign with Dawn a brand of Proctor & Gamble. Dawn's latest cause marketing campaign is dealing with different wildlife programs. Many members of these programs are on Facebook themselves making an easy connection. Go to article
04.03.08 · Fine-Tuning Corporate Social Responsibility - William Holstein - Businessweek
An in depth look into how top corporate officers and corporations can work to positively change the way they participate in social responsibility.
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12.11.07 · Examples of Social Responsibility - Les - Associated Content
Great examples and scenarios of social responsibility from different types of businesses and corporations.
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10.03.07 · Corporate Social Responsibility Done Right - Rimmy Malhotra - The Motley Fool
Article focuses on the right way a corporation can participate in Corporate Social Responsibility by using past examples of model companies.
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09.29.07 · Marketing's True Survivor - Mike Swenson - Advertising Age

Discusses how when times are tough marketers and advertisers should turn Cause Marketing related strategies.

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10.23.06 · Beyond the bottom line - Telis Demos - Fortune Explains the second annual ranking of the Global 500 companies taking into account the dollars invested in the companies that have a high rating on some measure of social responsibility. Go to article
11.30.-1 · Feel the fear and do it anyway - Robert Bain, Alison Macleod, Simon Lamey - Research Robert Bain looks at the role of guts in the profession, while Alison Macleod calls on researchers to speak up, and Simon Lamey of Wardle McLean urges a braver approach to the practice of research. Go to article
11.30.-1 · 2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies - N/A - Ethisphere This article shows the worst most ethical companies in 2009 ranked by Go to article
11.30.-1 · The perfect response - Robert Bain - Research Robert Bain from gives his take on how can the research business keep its respondents engaged. Go to article
11.30.-1 · All in good time - Chris Arning - Research Semiotician Chris Arning ponders what might happen to the MR industry when we have a web that can measure meanings and decode concepts. Go to article
11.30.-1 · Is research becoming cool? - Tim Phillips - Research Live In the digital age, data analysis is the new cool profession. Tim Phillips asks if this is great news for research, or if the dusty world of MR is being left by the wayside. Go to article
11.30.-1 · Cause Marketing: Make $ and Help Somebody - Indiana Chamber of Commerce - This article touches on one of the most exciting developments in recent American commerce: the emergence of cause marketing. Go to article
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